Today's Events

Track/SeriesEvent TitleScheduleLineups
9/24/2023Dells Raceway ParkMidwest Championship Showdown - Sunday
9/24/2023Midwest Truck SeriesIcebreaker 50 @ Dells Raceway Park

Upcoming Events

Track/SeriesEvent TitleScheduleLineups
9/30/2023Elko SpeedwayChampionship Night
10/1/2023Big 8 Late Models58th National Short Track Championships
10/2/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ Rockford Speedway
10/5/2023La Crosse SpeedwayOktoberfest Race Weekend
10/5/2023La Crosse SpeedwayOktoberfest Race Weekend - Thursday
10/6/2023La Crosse SpeedwayOktoberfest Race Weekend - Friday
10/7/2023Grundy County SpeedwayFall Harvest - 7 Divisions $10K to Win Late Model
10/7/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ LaCrosse Speedway
10/7/2023Big 8 Late Models54th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend
10/7/2023La Crosse SpeedwayOkteoberfest Race Weekend - Saturday
10/7/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ La Crosse Speedway
10/8/2023ASA Midwest TourOktoberfest 200
10/8/2023La Crosse SpeedwayOktoberfest Race Weekend - Sunday
10/21/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ Dells Raceway Park
10/21/2023Dells Raceway ParkFalloween 150 Alive for 5 Race #5
10/27/2023Jefferson SpeedwayBlackjack Brackets

Past Events

Track/SeriesEvent TitleScheduleLineups
9/23/2023Big 8 Late ModelsMidwest Championship Showdown
9/23/2023ASA Midwest TourThunderstruck 93
9/23/2023Grundy County SpeedwayBettenhausen Memorial 100
9/23/2023Elko SpeedwayThunderstruck 93 - ARCA Midwest Tour
9/23/2023Dells Raceway ParkMidwest Championship Showdown - Saturday
9/22/2023Dells Raceway ParkMidwest Championship Showdown - Friday
9/16/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayChili Implement Fall Shootout and Bev Aschenbrenner Memorial
9/16/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ Grundy County Speedway
9/16/2023Grundy County Speedway62nd Bettenhausen Weekend Night #2
9/16/2023Rockford SpeedwayFinal Lap Night of Thrills
9/16/2023Elko SpeedwayEvent Night
9/15/2023Grundy County Speedway62nd Bettenhausen Weekend Night #1
9/15/2023Midwest Truck SeriesNora's Tavern 50 @ Jefferson Speedway
9/15/2023Jefferson SpeedwayWisconsin State Championships Day 1
9/15/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayFall Shootout Practice
9/10/2023Slinger Super SpeedwayChampionship Sunday
9/9/2023La Crosse SpeedwayEve of Destruction
9/9/2023Jefferson SpeedwayGriffin Ford Season Championship Night
9/9/2023Dells Raceway ParkO'Reilly Auto Parts Night
9/9/2023Rockford SpeedwayNASCAR Night of Champions Last Lap Season
9/8/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwaySeason Championships
9/4/2023Angell Park SpeedwayFiremen's Nationals Night 2
9/3/2023Grundy County SpeedwayNight of Features - 7 Divisions
9/3/2023Angell Park SpeedwayFiremen's Nationals Night 1
9/3/2023Slinger Super SpeedwayIBEW Local 494 Labor Day Celebration
9/2/2023Dells Raceway ParkJim Sauter Classic
9/2/2023Rockford SpeedwayFan Photo Night
9/2/2023Elko SpeedwayEvent Night
9/2/2023ASA Midwest TourJim Sauter Classic 200
9/2/2023Jefferson SpeedwayJohnson & Son's Paving Night at the Races
9/2/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ Dells Raceway Park
9/2/2023La Crosse SpeedwayBig Cheese Enduro 200
9/2/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayWCAR Fan Appreciation Night
9/1/2023Grundy County SpeedwayFan Appreciation Night - 5 Divisions of Racing
9/1/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayTriple Crow Race #3
8/27/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayHobby Fest 4
8/27/2023Slinger Super Speedway5th Annual Carl Wegner Memorial
8/26/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Sycamore Speedway
8/26/2023Jefferson SpeedwayDeerfield Apple Fest Night at the Races
8/26/2023Dells Raceway ParkWalbeck Classic
8/26/2023Rockford SpeedwaySummer's Last Stand
8/25/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ Madison International Speedway
8/25/2023ASA Midwest TourHowie Lettow Classic 100
8/25/2023Madison International SpeedwayHowie Lettow Classic 100
8/25/2023Grundy County Speedway5 Divisions of Racing
8/22/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Beaver Dam
8/20/2023Angell Park SpeedwayCorn Fest Racing presented by Zimbrick Chevrolet
8/19/2023ASA Midwest TourHawkeye 100
8/19/2023Slinger Super SpeedwaySchaefer's Service Center SlamFest 2
8/19/2023Jefferson SpeedwayRyan's Auto Car Night at the Races
8/19/2023Elko SpeedwayEvent Night
8/19/2023Rockford SpeedwayNight of 1000 Promotions
8/19/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayJim Langreck Memorial
8/19/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Dells Raceway Park
8/19/2023Dells Raceway ParkBrewster Lanes - Triple Crown #3
8/19/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ Hawkeye Downs
8/18/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayMid-American Racing
8/18/2023Madison International SpeedwayChampionship Night
8/18/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ Tomah-Sparta Speedway
8/18/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Madison International Speedway
8/18/2023Grundy County SpeedwayFull Program - 5 Divisions of Racing
8/13/2023Angell Park SpeedwayDirt Kings Late Models King of the Park
8/13/2023Slinger Super SpeedwayFox Brothers Piggly Wiggly Memorial Go-Kart Tribute Night
8/12/2023La Crosse SpeedwayBobcat of the Coulee Region Double Feature Night
8/12/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayMidwest Trucks
8/12/2023Dells Raceway ParkBadger State 125 Alive for 5 #3
8/12/2023Rockford SpeedwayKid's Night - Great Bike Give Away
8/12/2023Jefferson SpeedwayTaylored Construction Night at the Races
8/12/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - LaCrosse Speedway
8/12/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Macon Speedway
8/12/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ Marshfield Motor Speedway
8/11/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayBack Pack Night
8/11/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Tomah-Sparta Speedway
8/11/2023Madison International Speedway3rd Annual Cheese Curd Cup
8/11/2023Grundy County SpeedwayFull Program - 5 Divisions of Racing
8/6/2023Slinger Super SpeedwayCurrent Electric Alan Kulwicki Memorial / Wall of Fame / Alumni Night
8/6/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Slinger Speedway
8/5/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayMid-Summer Buck Night
8/5/2023La Crosse SpeedwayNASCAR Racing
8/5/2023Dells Raceway ParkAuto Value Parts Stores 50
8/5/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Dells Raceway Park
8/5/2023Elko SpeedwayEvent Night
8/5/2023Rockford SpeedwayKar Korner presents "World Famous Figure 8 Trailer Race"
8/4/2023Grundy County SpeedwayWelch Memorial/Candyman Special - 4 Divisions
8/4/2023Madison International SpeedwayUnion 464 Night
8/4/2023Big 8 Late ModelsUnion 464 Night
8/4/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayHornet Hustle
8/4/2023Mid-Am Racing SeriesMid-Am @ Madison International
8/2/2023Rockford SpeedwayWindsor Auto Presents Wild Wednesday
8/1/2023ASA Midwest TourGandrud Auto Group 250
8/1/2023Midwest Truck SeriesMidwest Trucks @ Wisconsin international Raceway
8/1/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Beaver Dam
7/30/2023Slinger Super SpeedwayHOG Bike & Backpack Night Presented by Wolter Inc.
7/30/2023Angell Park SpeedwayBMARA Racers Reunion presented by Patio Pleasures
7/29/2023Dells Raceway ParkKalahari Resort Night
7/29/2023Jefferson SpeedwayKNR Transport Night at the Races
7/29/2023Rockford SpeedwayInstant Jungle presents Toys for Tots
7/29/2023Marshfield Motor SpeedwayDog Days of Summer
7/29/2023La Crosse SpeedwayDouble Feature Night
7/29/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - LaCrosse Speedway
7/28/2023Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFull Race Program
7/28/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Sycamore Speedway
7/28/2023Grundy County Speedway5 Divisions of Racing
7/28/2023Madison International SpeedwayRacers' Reunion Night
7/25/2023High School Racing AssociationHSRA - Beaver Dam