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Upcoming Events

Track/SeriesEvent TitleScheduleLineups
4/20/2024Mid-Am Racing SeriesSpring Classic at Grundy County Speedway
4/20/2024Grundy County Speedway47th Annual Spring Classic
4/20/2024Big 8 Late Models47th Spring Classic
4/21/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayJerry "Bear" Priesgen Memorial with Midwest Tour
4/21/2024ASA Midwest TourJerry “Bear” Priesgen Memorial
4/27/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayChill Chaser 200 Lap Enduro
5/3/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwaySeason Opener
5/4/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwaySolutionz Spring Opener
5/4/2024Grundy County SpeedwayCabin Fever Season Opener
5/4/2024Dells Raceway Park62nd Annual Season Opener
5/5/2024Madison International SpeedwayJoe Shear Classic 200
5/5/2024Madison International SpeedwayJoe Shear Classic 200
5/5/2024Midwest Truck SeriesJoe Shear Classic 36 - Madison International Speedway
5/5/2024ASA Midwest TourJoe Shear Classic 200
5/10/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
5/11/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
5/17/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
5/17/2024Madison International SpeedwayFriday Night Season Opener
5/18/2024La Crosse SpeedwaySeason Opener
5/18/2024Dells Raceway ParkBlystone Twoing Night
5/18/2024Midwest Truck SeriesRib Mountain 50 - State Park Speedway
5/19/2024Slinger Super Speedway7th Annual Kieth's Marina Race Against Cancer Benefitting Chix4ACause
5/24/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayGodfather 30
5/24/2024Big 8 Late ModelsLate Model Special Event
5/25/2024La Crosse SpeedwayBuck Buck Night
5/25/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwaySalute to America
5/25/2024ASA Midwest TourSalute the Troops 100
5/25/2024Dells Raceway ParkNabbefeldt 55 Full Racing Night
5/26/2024Slinger Super Speedway32nd Annual EH Wolf Memorial Day Celebration FIREWORKS
5/27/2024Midwest Truck SeriesMemorial Day 50 - Golden Sands Speedway
5/31/2024Madison International SpeedwayDouble Feature Night
5/31/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayStacy's Birthday Bash
6/1/2024La Crosse SpeedwayKid's Night
6/1/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayHearing House School's Out Night
6/1/2024Dells Raceway ParkTrickle 99 Alive for 5 #2
6/2/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayGraduation Celebration
6/7/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
6/7/2024Madison International SpeedwayMonster Truck Showdown
6/7/2024Big 8 Late ModelsClash at the Downs
6/8/2024La Crosse SpeedwayAutograph Night
6/8/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayBev Aschenbrenner Memorial
6/8/2024Dells Raceway ParkRake Motorsports Night
6/9/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayJohnson & Sons Paving Remembrance Night
6/14/2024Madison International SpeedwayASA Stars National Tour
6/14/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayTim Myer Memorial
6/15/2024La Crosse SpeedwaySMASH-O-RAMA
6/15/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
6/16/2024Midwest Truck SeriesFather's Day Special - Milwaukee Mile
6/16/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayPMF Landscape Supply 24th Annual Scout Night
6/21/2024Madison International SpeedwaySalute to America Night
6/21/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayCheap Date Night
6/21/2024Slinger Super SpeedwaySlamFest 1
6/22/2024Midwest Truck SeriesHub City 50 - Marshfield Motor Speedway
6/22/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayBegert Stainless Night
6/22/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
6/22/2024La Crosse SpeedwayDouble Late Model Features
6/23/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayNight Racing
6/28/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFreedom Classic
6/29/2024Dells Raceway ParkDairyland 100 by Slowey Farms
6/29/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayKid's Bike Night Stock Car Rides
6/29/2024La Crosse SpeedwayFireworks Spectacular
6/30/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayIndependence Day Celebration FIREWORKS
7/5/2024Big 8 Late ModelsGrundy County Speedway
7/5/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwaySummer Sizzle 200 Lap Enduro
7/6/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayPrelude to the Nationals
7/6/2024La Crosse SpeedwayQuarter Mile Mania
7/6/2024Dells Raceway ParkNorth American Cup - Carl Wegner Tribute
7/7/2024Midwest Truck SeriesPrelude to the Nationals - Slinger Super Speedway
7/9/2024Slinger Super Speedway45th Annual Cobblestone Hotels Singer Nationals Presented by Lynch Buick - GMC West Bend
7/12/2024Madison International SpeedwayDouble Feature Night
7/12/2024Tomah Sparta Speedway6 Shooter Mania
7/13/2024Midwest Truck SeriesLand of Lincoln 50 - Grundy County Speedway
7/13/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
7/13/2024ASA Midwest TourWayne Carter Classic 100
7/13/2024La Crosse SpeedwayKid's NIght
7/13/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayJohn Brevik Classic
7/14/2024Slinger Super SpeedwaySmall Car Nationals
7/17/2024La Crosse SpeedwayReffner 88 by Sleepy Hollow Auto Group
7/19/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
7/19/2024Madison International SpeedwayRacers' Reunion Night
7/20/2024La Crosse SpeedwayFair Time Spectacular
7/20/2024Jefferson SpeedwayOrange Blossom Special
7/20/2024Midwest Truck SeriesOrange Blossom 61 - Jefferson Speedway
7/20/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayWCAR Kid's Night
7/21/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayWolter Tech College Night
7/26/2024Big 8 Late ModelsLarry Detjens Memorial
7/26/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
7/27/2024ASA Midwest TourLarry Detjens Memorial 125
7/27/2024Dells Raceway ParkKalahari Resort Night
7/27/2024La Crosse SpeedwayDouble Late Model Feature Night
7/28/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayHOG Night Plus Bike/Backpack/Body Panel Night for Kids
8/2/2024Madison International SpeedwayUnion 464 Night
8/2/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayHornet Hustle
8/2/2024Big 8 Late ModelsUnion 464 Night
8/3/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayKid's Fun Night & Buck Night
8/3/2024La Crosse SpeedwayTrailer Race of Destruction
8/3/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
8/4/2024Slinger Super Speedway6th Annual Carl Wegner Memorial
8/6/2024Midwest Truck SeriesDixieland Delight 35 - Wisconsin International Raceway
8/6/2024ASA Midwest TourGandrud Auto Group 250
8/9/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
8/9/2024Madison International Speedway4th annual 'Cheese Curd Cup'
8/10/2024Dells Raceway ParkBadger State 125 Alive for 5 Race #4
8/10/2024La Crosse SpeedwayDouble Late Model Feature Night
8/11/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayFox Brothers Piggly Wigly Memorial Go-Kart Tribute Night
8/16/2024Madison International SpeedwayFink's Paving Championship Night
8/16/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayFast Friday
8/17/2024Dells Raceway ParkFull Program of Racing
8/17/2024ASA Midwest TourHawkeye 100
8/17/2024Slinger Super SpeedwaySchaefer's Service Center SlamFest 2
8/17/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayJim Langreck Memorial & Back to School Night
8/23/2024Midwest Truck SeriesHowie Lettow Classic - Madison International Speedway
8/23/2024Madison International SpeedwayHowie Lettow Classic 100
8/23/2024ASA Midwest TourHowie Lettow Classic 100
8/24/2024Dells Raceway ParkWalbeck Classic by Auto Value
8/25/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayHobby Fest 5
8/25/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayAlan Kulwicki Memorial "AK77" / Wall of Fame Induction ? Alumni Night
8/26/2024Madison International SpeedwayImpact Survival Series 300
8/30/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayChampionship Night
8/31/2024Dells Raceway ParkASA MWT Jim Sauter Classic 200
8/31/2024ASA Midwest TourJim Sauter Classic 200
8/31/2024Midwest Truck SeriesJim Sauter Classic - Dells Raceway Park
9/1/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayIBEW Local 494 Labor Day Celebration FIREWORKS
9/1/2024Dells Raceway ParkLabor Day of Doom
9/6/2024Tomah Sparta SpeedwayDaytomah 200 Enduro
9/7/2024La Crosse SpeedwayNight of Destruction
9/7/2024Dells Raceway ParkO'Reilly Auto Parts Season Championship
9/8/2024Slinger Super SpeedwayAfternoon Racing
9/13/2024Dells Raceway ParkNational Short Track Championship - Friday
9/14/2024Dells Raceway ParkNational Short Track Championship - Saturday
9/14/2024Big 8 Late Models59th National Short Track Championships
9/15/2024Dells Raceway ParkNational Short Track Championship - Sunday
9/20/2024Midwest Truck SeriesWI State Championships - Jefferson Speedway
9/21/2024ASA Midwest TourThunderstruck 93
9/28/2024Marshfield Motor SpeedwayChili Implement Fall Shootout
10/5/2024Midwest Truck SeriesOktoberfest Race Weekend - La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
10/5/2024ASA Midwest TourOktoberfest 200 Qualifying & Preliminary Races
10/5/2024Big 8 Late ModelsOktoberfest Race Weekend
10/6/2024ASA Midwest TourOktoberfest 200
10/19/2024Dells Raceway ParkFalloween 150 Alive for 5 Race #5
11/1/2024Jefferson SpeedwayTOD

Past Events

Track/SeriesEvent TitleScheduleLineups
4/13/2024Dells Raceway ParkIceBreaker 100 by Wegner Automotive
4/13/2024Midwest Truck SeriesIcebreaker 50 - Dells Raceway Park