Saturday, July 8th! Celebrating Independence!

 ***Subject to Change****

2pm- Pit Gates Open

3pm-4pm - Practice (Bando, Power Stocks, Legends, Thunder Car, Late Models)

4:15pm - Drivers Meeting (Mandatory)

4:30pm - Spectator Gates Open

5pm – Pit Gate Closes

Concourse: Farm Animals


Bando Feature 1 (12 laps)

Group Qualifying (Legends, Late Model)

Power Stock Feature 1 (20 laps)

Thunder Car Feature 1 (20 laps)

Bando Feature 2 (12 laps) 

6:30pm Concourse Entertainment – Mega Jump BMX Bike Show

6:50pm - Opening Ceremonies 

Legends Feature 1 (20 laps)

Monster Trucks Mechanical Mischief and Barely Tame

Late Model Feature 1 (25 laps)

Monster Trucks Mechanical Mischief and Barely Tame 

8pm Concourse Entertainment - Mega Jump BMX Bike Show

Power Stock Feature 2 (20 laps)

Spectator Drags

Thunder Car Feature 2 (20 laps)

Monster Trucks Mechanical Mischief and Barely Tame

Legends Feature 2 (20 laps)

Late Model Feature 2 (25 laps)

School Bus Races


Jet Car


***Subject to Change****

Freedom is so nice we celebrate twice! Continue celebrating this country’s independence at the Eve of Destruction on Saturday Night, July 8th! The jet truck is back for fiery destruction, monster trucks are running amok, BMX bike stars are flying high, and light up the sky with fireworks for a night of entertainment not to be missed! There are tons of entertainment for the whole family, with good food and good company to ring in our independence. God bless the USA!

Enjoy a night full of family-friendly entertainment, and we’ll see you at the races!

What will be there?


Fireworks! One night of fireworks is never enough! Come stay to the end of the night at ELKO! for beautiful fireworks display to close out a great night of entertainment.


Monster Trucks Mechanical Mischief and Barely Tame return to ELKO! to wreak havoc and destruction across the infield! See these trucks earn the name of “monster”!


The Jet Truck Returns! What happens to a vehicle when it meets a jet engine? It melts, it burns, and it explodes, that’s what! Come see the Jet Truck return for fiery action.


Mega Jump BMX Bike Show The extreme sport stunt riders are back at it here on the ELKO! Concourse! Watch them flip, twist, and hop in ways worthy of the X-Games.


Farm Animals Horses and pigs and bunnies and goats! Let your kids have a close encounter of the farming kind! See, pet, and feed a variety of barnyard animals on our Concourse.


School Bus Figure-8 Races The bus races are never to be missed! Cheer on your favorite as they race in figure-8s around the track, weaving between each other in the most dangerous race of the night!


Racing Five classes of racing including the popular Thundercars, Power Stocks, Late Models, Legends and Bandoleros are running! Cheer them on and make sure to give ’em your wave.


Spectator Drags Be the king of the track for a night! Participants race until they lose, pitting themselves in one-on-one laps around the track until only one remains. Cheer them on or enter them yourselves!

Join us for an amazing night of family entertainment! We’ll see you at the races!