Order of Events

Night of 1,000 Promotions  

Saturday August 19, 2023

2:30  Pit Gate Opens

4:15  PracticeSixers, Bandits, Sportsmen, P. Puff, Short Trackers   

5:00  Front Gate Opens                                                              

5:35  Qualifying – Bandit, Sportsmen, Short Trackers  (Q#21)                   

6:20  Driver’s Meeting at the Scales

6:30  Screw City Jeep Parade Laps   

6:52  Opening Ceremonies

           (Fast Q’s with cars and Point Leaders at Start Finish Line)

7:07  We’re Racing!

Advance Auto Parts Heats

          Sixers                                                          6 Laps

          Bandits                                                        8 Laps    

          Sportsmen                                                   8 Laps

          Short Trackers                                             8 Laps

          Powder Puff #1                                         12 Laps

         **Night of 1000 Promotions T-Shirt Shoot**

          ***Spectacular Drags – Model  A – Jeep – Open Comp***


          Sixer Mixer(s)                                           10/12 Laps

          Bandits                                                      20 Laps

          Short Trackers                                           20 Laps

          Powder Puff #2  (Championship)           12 Laps

          Sportsmen                                                25 Laps

          Sixers                                                       16 Laps


                    Rockford Speedway Official’s Frequency is 454.0000


Scoring.Racing – Lineups will be posted on scoring.racing

No Move Rule: After all races complete, please leave cars out and be ready to greet your fans.  (The time limit will be announced)

Lapped Traffic: If you are being shown the blue move over flag, lead lap cars are coming and you need to move to the inside of the track. Thank you!



August 26 Saturday – Summers Last Stand – Late Models, RoadRunners, Super Stox, Super Cups, Upper Midwest Vintage plus Figure 8 & High School racing Championship.

September 2 Saturday – Fan Photo Night – Late Models, Sportsmen, Short Trackers, Bandits and Sixer

September 9 Saturday – NASCAR Night of Champions – Late Models, Sportsmen, Short Trackers, RoadRunners, Bandits plus Outhouse Race – RR Challenge Championship.

September 16 Saturday – Night of Thrills – Sixers, Super Stox, School Bus Figure 8, Monster Trucks, Jet Car Meltdown, Limo Stunt, Spectacular Drags, Wild Stunts and MUCH MORE!

 Invocation: Gary Holmes VFW

National Anthem:  Dean Frye   

50/50 – Rockford Ski Broncs